SPMC: "Where Music Serves"

St. Paul’s Music Conservatory is a parish-based music conservatory in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  SPMC serves the community by offering affordable studio lessons, creating music related resources, and offering fundraising and development services for music departments within local institutions.  

Nearly twelve years ago, two of St. Paul’s faculty members began giving studio lessons in piano and guitar to interested children and adults.  After their studios quickly filled and waiting lists were developed, the need for expansion was obvious.  After the addition of Dr. J Gordon Christensen as Head Teacher, and Timothy Frank as Administrator, SPMC was on its way to becomming a full fledged music conservatory.  Today, SPMC has 12 faculty members teaching in the areas of piano, guitar, organ, voice, brass, strings, and winds and nearly 100 students stretching from western Omaha to Manning, Iowa!  While we're excited about teaching studio lessons, that's not all we do!

Recognizing the need for the intentional development of young musicians as well as the need for funding within music departments to provide a music education with integrity, St. Paul’s has a goal of working with strategic partners in order to collaborate and network for the sake of music education in communities spread all across the country. 

In order to raise funds and to promote music development, St. Paul’s is actively developing resources for the sake of education and promotion.  Check out our current resources in our store or blog posts and learn more about how SPMC is serving through music!