Creating Resources just for you!

Resources created by SPMC are intended to take students from one place and move them forward, not only toward another point of musical proficiency, but toward an attitude of service through music.

Our "Hymns of the Season Series" is a new resource providing students the opportunity to participate in a strategy designed for development.  Following the classic Church Year, nine hymns are set at four different levels for the developing music student.  Not only is the student immediately able to participate in a meaningful way in the congregational, school, or family life, but the student is also encouraged to move to the next level upon successful completion of the first.  In this way, the student is encouraged to move toward a lively participation in congregational life naturally through the course of music education.  

What's next?  SPMC has a goal of creating several series of piano books.  Our Hymns of the Season Series will grow to between 10 and 20 volumes.  For each volume, we will add at least a prelude edition and possibly a descant edition.  We are also working toward the development of a Hymns of the Season Series for guitar, a Christmas Series and a "Classic Hymn Writers Series!"  Last year, we produced our first Christmas CD produced by our students and faculty, and we have plans for more music recordings as well!  Check back often for updates or blog posts that explain more!

Enjoy the video at the right that shows a student playing from our new piano book and her siblings singing!  More videos of the piano book to come soon!