David's Harp, an outgrowth of St. Paul's Music Conservatory

Nov 8, 2019

by Pastor Sherrill

For ten years, St. Paul's Music Conservatory has existed in Council Bluffs, IA, gradually growing and developing.  The time has come for SPMC to pass some of its work on to a different organization for efficiency and growth.  So, we are happy to introduce to you, David's Harp!

David's Harp is a center for evangelism and outreach that uses music as the primary means of communication.  A potential Recognized Service Organization of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, David's Harp seeks to work with churches, schools and missions in areas of ministry revitalization, community engagement and strategic visioning.  Combining the creation of musical resources with a plan for implementation and action, David's Harp provides a structure for support to ministries at both the national and international levels.

Work that David’s Harp will build upon includes the following:
1.  Continued development of a graded “Hymns of the Season” curriculum for multiple instruments including piano and guitar.
2.  An expansion of the “Hymns of the Season” curriculum to include hymn preludes, descants and music for accompanying instruments.
3.  Consulting and support services for churches, schools and missions in order to:
     a.  Maximize the benefit of the local music department, especially for the sake of outreach and growth.
     b.  Establish systems of outreach and evangelism through music, leading to the potential for planting music conservatories within existing institutions.
4.  Once such centers of music are established, David’s Harp will create a network of church, school or mission based music ministries that collaborate in areas of development and growth.  This network will include, but not be limited to the following activities: Annual conferences, a system of Sacred Music Festivals and a monthly newsletter.

David’s Harp desires that every Christian church, school or mission would see itself as a center for musical development within its own realm of influence.  As such, each ministry could use music as a vehicle for service, mercy, outreach and growth. 

For more inforamtion on David's Harp please contact the following:
David's Harp President, Richard Resch at reschr@aol.com 
David's Harp's Executive Director, Nathan Sherrill at nathansherrill1978@gmail.com 

David’s Harp: A Center for Musical Development