Vicar Ben Vanderhyde

Oct 18, 2018

by Pastor Frank

How does music relate to missions? Learn more from a recent visitor to our conservatory! Vicar Ben Vanderhyde will soon be deployed as a missionary to Sri Lanka, where he, among other things, will be involved in outreach through music. Read more about his reflections from his visit below, or read his entire newsletter through the link at the bottom of this page.

"A visit we made early in September has profoundly impacted our vision of the upcoming missionary service in Sri Lanka.

"Saint Paul's Church in Council Bluffs, Iowa is a special congregation. For the last ten years, God has blessed their efforts as they developed a music conservatory, which grew from just a few students to over a hundred with twelve faculty. 

"God is using the community’s need for music education as an opportunity for young people and their families to enter His house, hear the good news about Jesus and come to saving faith and the waters of Holy Baptism.

"Seeing the conservatory and speaking with Pastor Sherrill and Pastor Frank, we were encouraged and renewed in our minds concerning the importance of our coming work in Sri Lanka. It’s never just about the music. The music serves the gospel.

"The Holy Spirit uses music to send God’s word into human hearts where, by his grace, it takes root and flourishes. We look forward to sharing in these gifts with the saints in Sri Lanka soon!""

Missions through Music